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Headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama, Digheon Healthcare, Inc., develops, sells, and supports software solutions and related services for the healthcare industry in the United States. The company offers a comprehensive enterprise healthcare software solution integrating electronic health records, enterprise practice management, personal health records as a direct connection between the physician and patient, coding and billing portal, prescription, laboratory and radiology. It further includes public health, CDC, NCQA, CMS and other local, state, and federal agencies for disease surveillance, outbreak management, disease control, geographic analysis, and public health preparedness and response.

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Craven Crowell Talks About S K Chauhan

2 years ago104 views See Craven Crowell, the former chairman of the Tennessee Valley Authority, talk about his long-term friendship with S K Chauhan, the chairman of Digheon Healthcare.

Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks Talks About Healthcare

2 years ago105 views Alabama Congressman Mo Brooks speaks during the Digheon Healthcare kick off event in Huntsville, AL April 19, 2011.